My rule of the 3 S’s will become yours

S for Satisfaction

S for Success

S for Style

I am Josée Larocque
your personal stylist

Fashion expert with 25 years of experience in the clothing industry. I am specialized in plus size as well as regular sizes. I am your fashion and wardrobe psychologist. Passionate about colours and shapes, I will share with you my knowledge, creativity, passion and my special gift to enlighten your beauty. I will always prioritise your needs and be available for you.

Favourites summer 2016

With my advice:

Stop asking yourself: What am I going to wear???

Learn to please yourself

Harmonize your personality and body shape

Smooth out your shadowed body parts

Purchase wardrobe items judiciously and affordably

Use your image as a tool of communication

Vestita Kaméléon tips suitcase

Mix and match - Vestita

My services:

Unique beauty | 5-6 hrs = 500$
(consultation with a hairdresser, make-up lessons and personal shopping)

Colour analysis | 2-3 hrs = 225$

Shopping with the professional stylist | 3-4 hrs = 350$

Hands-free personal shopping for you by a stylist | 3-4 hrs = 350$

Get the job of your dreams (interview coaching and wardrobe coaching) | 2-3 hrs = 325$

Value your curves and body shape (Plus size) | 3-4 hrs 350$

Special events (wedding, graduation, gala) | 2-3 hrs 225$

Coding system and closet organisation (for those who are colour-blind) | 7-8 hrs = 575$

Organizing your closet (what to keep, wear together, wear and not to wear) | 3-4 hrs = $350

Tips and advice for businesses, for groups of 10-15 persons | 30$ per person

I guarantee

Your well-being and that you will look good

That you will be immeasurably handsome and beautiful

No more shopping mistakes

Wardrobe efficiency

To highlight your body’s silhouette

To save you time with shopping

Total satisfaction


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